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Accident Plans plus DPC

Cost-effective programs that help supplement unexpected medical expenses. In addition to the accident Benefits (up to $40,000), a specific list of services will trigger indemnity payments to employees upon submission of utilization. Underwritten by A+ rated carriers.

These offerings are provided to the Employers and Employees that will result in zero NET cost.


Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) element offers participating employees access to acute primary care, chronic disease management, virtual care, and urgent care services via a nationwide medical and physician network.

- Membership available to all W-2 employees

  • $0 telemedicine consultation costs

  • $10 primary care in-office visits

  • $25 urgent care visits

  • Most common chronic disease management

- Avoids submitting claims against a medical policy which can result in lower premiums upon renewal of the medical plan.


*This product in NOT a major medical plan and is available to employees whether they are in a major medical plan or not.

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