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Our Mission

SCCConcepts LLC. is a COMPREHISIVE HEALTH CARE SOLUTION including but not limited to a customized physicians network, extensive Rx SOLUTIONS (cost savings up to 100% per script), NATIONIAL integration of VISON, DENTAL CARE, and other benefits (without exclusions and unlimited coverages), all developed to create a  CLAIMS AVOIDANCE PROGRAM! This results in a significant Employer and Employee RETURN ON INVESTMENT (R.O.I.) by cost shifting the appropriate claims from the current medical, Rx, and dental Loss Ratios. This provides cost effective short term and long-term Benefit Plan financials and Renewals!

SCCC is proven track record for providing Employee financial and benefit enhancements while simultaneously providing PROPIERTY WELLNESS techniques with GUARANTEED return on investment (R.O.I.) up to 40% GUARANTEED! These IMMEDIATE savings, uniquely results in creating a stronger BALANCE SHEET, not to mention improving EMPLOYEE MORALE, resulting increases EMPLOYEE RETENTION.

If SCCC cannot deliver a cost-effective proposal NO COMPENSATION is due SCCC.
SCCC can give this commitment due to the PROVEN success for the past 10 years. A
comprehensive program analysis will be provided at NO COST!

Proof of SCCC success is continually realized by National Insurance Carriers, National Stop
Loss Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, National Discount Card
Vendor(s), Client Referrals (C-Suite) , Notable Certified Public Accountant(s), Prestigious Law
firm(s) and National Brokerage Houses. This proof can be obtained by simply signing an NDA
when necessary.

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